Summer Heat Trimming

The Premise

We can be very happy about the summer. It brings us lots of joy, playing outside with our kids, enjoying a cool beverage in the sun or swimming in the cool pool. But what about our pets? Do they really enjoy the hot sun burning down on them and how do we protect them from heatstrokes?

It is very common for pets in warm climates suffer from extraordinary high temperatures. They are simply not used to them and can't cope. Cats, as well as dogs regulate their heats through panting. But this means, you need to keep them perfectly hydrated. Otherwise they're gonna collapse and that, you don't want to risk, i'm very sure! Cats also regulate their body temperature using their thick coat of fur. But did you know, that they have different kind of layers? This becomes very apparant in lon hair species. Just think about himalayan cats, or persian ones. Their long hair is beautiful but some pet owners believe that it can be beneficial to give them a trim in the summer using a pet clipper. There is a special cut, called the „lion cut“ and it looks really cruel. It's questionable if it is really necessary to almost completely shave your cats hair off. You need to take into account that this might lead to sunburns. Perhaps a cat living indoors only is not so much affected, but if your friend is active, hunting outside and having fun in the sun, a lion cut might be problematic. Still, especially cats with long hair sometimes need to be trimmed. The reason for this is neglect in many cases. It is understandable that some cat owners underestimate the amount of time they need to invest in caring for their animal. Some breeds need to be brushed daily. Why? Because otherwise, the hair can form „matts“ and this in return can harm your kittens skin! Better shave it off!

The Solution

The best tool for this task is a pet trimmer of high quality. The Andis product line is recommended by many because they are known to run quiet and dry. It is true that they do cost a bit more money, but cheap clippers are simply not worth the money because they overheat easily.

So yes, trimming your cat is an option in summer, but you need to be aware of the risks!

I'm wishing you a good time with your pet and check back later for more grooming tips and advice =

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