Why cat grooming is important

Cats are simply amazing.

They are charming us with their wits and independence. Still, they rely on us humans to take care for them. In modern city life, it is simply impossible for them to be self sustainable, so we provide them food, shelter and – much needed love. If you own a sibirian cat, or any other long haired breed for that matter, it is pretty important to brush it's hair regularly. And by that i mean DAILY! Many people underestimate the time and energy they have to spend on cat grooming. The results are often devestating: Entangled hair, matting, skin rashes and infections. This does not only lead to high vet bills, but causes you best friend also a lot of pain. Fortunatly, if this occurs, there are ways to deal with it. I'm talking about scissoring the hair off. This is done utilizing high quality pet clippers. When it comes to pets, high quality is of real importance. As you know, they are very sensitive to sounds and panic rather quickly. This is why having someone to hold your cat is crucial. But it is also a good idea to minimize any panic reaction by purchasing a good quality pet clippet. They are quiet, and run a lot cooler. Especially if you are dealing with a large breed cat, you have to put in some time to get all matting off. The result: The clipper runs very hot which in return may lead to injuries such as the feared „razor burn“. This is the main reason Why i recommend Andis clippers, as they have proven themselves to be very reliable.


If something bad already happened to your friend, you need to go to your vetenerian of trust immediatly. He can treat any injuries. I have to be honest with you: Trimming your cats coat is not always an easy task, but it can be done an is bound to save you quiet a lot of money. At least in the long run. If you are still unsure, you can look up cat grooming schools which provide courses to help people learn how to groom properly. This way, you are ensuring that your pet stays safe and sound while you're trying to get rid off his matted hair.

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