Andis Dog Clippersvs. Oster A5 Turbo

When it comes to looking for the best kind of pet clipper for your pet, you need to obtain the best one. However, do you know how to gauge a good clipper? Do you have any idea how to use it? If you are new to pet grooming, can you handle the task using a low quality pet clipper without hurting your beloved pet? Or do you need a more expensive one but can provide the best quality?


If quality is what you’re looking for, Andis dog clippers are the best choice; however if you think you want a cheaper one, then reading this article is a waste of time as what your going to read here is the review of the best dog clippers worldwide. Normally, a device that is built with high powered motor and high quality features may not come in a cheap price. In fact, dog clippers do really have a pretty expensive price tag. Andis dog clippers are exactly like this. It carries a large price but come with an amazing device that outlasts any other pet clipper brands.


Andis clippers greatest counterpart is the Oster A5 Turbo. Both are great and both cumulate good customers’ feedback. However, Andis clippers have more to prove that it is really the best among the best. The good features of Andis that were not on Oster A5 Turbo are major things that your pet needs. Expert critics analyze two big flops of Oster and those were the noisy motor and the hot blades. Hot blades are a no-no to pets. It indicates to them that someone is attacking them. Even you don’t like it as well if someone will put a hot blade on the surface of your skin. It is simply a total discomfort.  And last but not the least, motors of Andis dog clippers are never noisy. Loud and unfamiliar sound again, scares off animals—and this is what you’ll hear to Oster’s device. So if you want to give the very best to your pet, make sure to consider these two things that are required for every pet grooming kit.

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